In the last few days there has been a huge ruckus created over the racial remarks made against Shilpa Shetty in the popular British reality show “Big Brother”. But, the point fail to fathom is, was it a big enough issue to be escalated to a nation wide mass histeria. To be frank it is just a personal remark on one contestant of the show on one other contestant in the same show. For heaven’s sake, the show is meant to bring out bad blood between contestants so that they elliminate each other while the audience have fun seeing celebrities bitching.

It was Shilpa Shetty’s personal decision to participate in the show. The motivation behind joining such a show is better not questioned. But, when she decided to be a part of celebrity bitching she had to know what is she getting into and backed out. I mean, Brits are known to snub someone in the bud right from Colonial era. Be it racist remarks against Indians, or calling French as feminine and too classy or calling Americans lousy classless people, Brits are known for their hatred for anything which is not British. Brits are world renowned for their taunting remarks on various culture other than the British culture. So why is a personal remark on a relatively insignificant personality being given such huge momentum?

To be enraged by such a small issue and create it into a nationwide hysteria is unjustifiable. Maybe the whole issue was just a publicity stunt on the part of the organizers of the show and the actress to increase the popularity of the show in India. Stars are known for their penchant to get into controversies to get some extra mileage from their sagging careers. And this issue has surely catapulted Shilpa as one of the major stars in the entire nation. You would have to agree this has been to date Shilpa Shetty’s biggest event. She was nothing other than a actress with a great body with mediocre acting skills. None of her movies have left a mark even on Indian soil let alone the foreign markets. And, now that she is at the fag end of her career and leading a pretty uneventful life, she wouldnt mind publicity like this (albeit its controversial and “racisit”) to boost her relatively unsuccessful career. If she is so patriotic she can walk out of the show and return the money she has been paid to be a part of the show.

My point is we Indians instead of falling prey to cheap publicity stunts and creating unwanted ruckus can be a bit wiser and ignore it. I mean are you insulted only by these remarks and need to be reminded about your patriotism only by these bitchy shows? Racist remarks have been a part an omnipresent plague in all cultures and religions. Even we Indians find pleasure in commenting on someone’s race. Lets get ourselves involved in some constructive nation building activities rather than match steps with a insignificant actress trying for personal gains by tickling national sentiments. Why can’t we be like the Americans or the French or the Japs who give two hoots about what the Brits have think about them. Great Britain might have been a great super power at one time. But not anymore and the entire world doesn’t give a damn about what personal or nationalistic comments they have to make. Then why do we Indians have to be bothered? Does it not show our lack of sensibility as well?

One good thing to turn out from the whole episode is most of India has come to know now that Shilpa Shetty is taking part in “Big Brother”. Well how many of us know what is “Big Brother”? Well let me stop here…..