Being an Indian and a devout Hindu, I believe in God and everything related to God. You can call me to be religious when compared to other individuals of my generation. But, even then I couldn’t get myself to believe what I read and watched about this one young lad in Nepal who is called the Buddha boy.

Ram Bahadur Bamjan, the so called Buddha Boy from Nepal, according to his friends and relatives has been meditating for more than 6 months without food and water. The aim of this teenager is to meditate for 6 more years to gain enlightenment. Being in India I have heard and read about divine incarnations and magic men who can defy the laws of nature but I never believed in most of the stories. This is one story which is too hard for me to look down and ignore. I felt I had to write about it.

According to some buddhist monks the boy is practicing a form of buddhist meditation which allows the person to control his breathing and other bodily functions to lower his consumption of energy. Whatever the science behind it, as a layman I was kind of taken aback as a normal human can go without water only for 4 days.

On the other hand the sceptic in me tells me this is all a hoax. Its a story constructed by his family members and fellow members to fill their coffers with people’s wealth. After all the place where the boy is meditating has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Nepal. The people who visit the boy deposit money in the name of the boy which is of course taken care by the boy’s brother and other eminent members of the village.

Little Buddha or a story of exploitation by greedy family members the meditating Buddha boy from Nepal has generated a lot of interest in the experts as well as the common men. Click on the link for latest updates of the story

No matter how hard I try to shun the story as a hoax to thug innocent and ignorant people, somewhere deep inside I want it to be true. I want the story of Buddha boy to become a reality. I hope the boy is really an incarnation of the Buddha and spreads the message of peace and love in this war torn world. Here’s wishing for a