Just in case you are still unfamiliar with an Apple mac machine, here is a feature on mac which has kind of appealed to me. Considering that I am an avid PC user and kind of a Windows loyalist, it is really surprising to even me that I am impressed with this feature on mac.

Smart Folders is a feature on mac which allows you to logically group similar files on your machine. For example you want to group all your images or your documents, all you need to do is open your Finder window. Select New Smart Folder from the File menu. You will get a window where you can search for all the similar files based on various different option. Hit on the save button and your smart folder will be saved in the location you specify with the name you specify. It is kind of like a saved search on various websites, where in you get to save your search results for future use. Moreover, once you have created your Smart Folder you can optionally add the Smart Folder to your sidebar on the Finder window, which again helps you to organize and find your files on your mac. You might argue you can always search for the files you need using spotlight as it is fast and efficient. But then these are small little features which makes your life much more easier and lets you marvel at the product you are using.

Smart Folders, although a cool feature, is one of the least used features. I guess this is the case always with mac, although they provide you with the sleekest and the coolest new innovations they are so inaccessible that people just look at them in awe settling for the more accessible but less cooler stuff (which works fine for them unless they decide to turn into a hostile mac loyalist). Spoken like a true PC fan…