String theory for the less informed, is the latest theory going around in the field of Physics, which assumes that the entire universe is made of tiny one dimensional particles called Strings. String theory brings into picture the concept of mulitple dimensions (more than the four dimensions of time and position that we already know of) as well as the concept of parallel universe.

Since being introduced to the topic by a friend of mine, I have been kind of keenly following on this theory and have turned into some kind of an advocate of the theory as well (in my friends circle at least). Till date String theory has just been restricted to the confines of books in the form of Formulas and hypothesis. No one has till date been able to prove the existance of Strings. However ever since the theory gained momentum as the next biggest theory since Einstein’s theory of relativity and theories on time and matter, people have tried to prove it practically but in vein. Fermi Labs in the USA has even set up a mile long particle accelerator to extract that one elusive string from fast moving and colliding electrons but without any luck.

Now, the researchers at the University of California, San Diego, Carnegie Mellon University, and The University of Texas at Austin have now developed an important test for this controversial “theory of everything.” Read more on the same in the link below, 

If the test turns fruitful it would be the first step towards a revolutionary change in the world of science, Physics in particualar, as we know it. It would turn Einstein’s theories of time and matter upside down and usher in a new theory which would have unified all the theories into one.