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Ronaldinho vs Zidane

I know both are great. I revere Zidane but, I believe Ronaldinho has it in him to become the best footballer of his era. Better than even the master Zidane.


If you feel you are a true Indian and you feel you can make a difference to this great nation of ours, you can join Lok Paritrana. A political party in India formed by IIT grads Lok Paritrana stands for the youth power of the nation. If you feel as the youth of India you need to make a difference to the country you are born and brought up in, join the gang.

For details about the ideology, history, leadership and philosophy of Lok Paritrana click on the link below,


Finally, my dream seems to have realised. Iron Maiden is coming to Bangalore, India and what luck I am at the right place at the right time for once. Its time to rock baby. I am too excited and eager to miss this one for sure.

Book your tickets now. For more details on ticket bookings check the link below, 

Publix Valentine’s Day commercial

This is what true love means… Valentine’s day does not have to be steretypical.

NASA has developed a new Software D* for rover Opportunity which can plan routes upto 50 metres autonomously. The present rover can decide routes upto only 1 meter and often gets confused when it comes across a large object like huge rocks. The rover rocks back and forth trying to navigate around the object.

However, the rover wont be able to navigate around sand dunes even with the latest software.

Two number theorists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have been able to unlock the long standing mystery revolving around a set of of numerical expressions known as “mock theta functions” proposed by the great Indian mathematician Sreenivasan Ramanujan .

Two number theorists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have pieced together and explanatory framework that for the first time describes what the functions are and the way to derive them.

This finding means resolutions to lot of long standing open issues in number theory as well as problems in the field of physics, chemistry and several other branches of mathematics.

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Anyone working on backing up of machines will know that your data will be accessed by many on the network. It is the usual hassle where the files you want to move will have sharing violations because someone will be accessing them over the network and it is not practical enough to find who is using what file and accordingly disconnect those users from the file. So here is a simple way to close all files shared over network on your Windows NT 4.0 based and Windows 200 computers. It is a simple command line tool which finds all open files and closes them,

for /f “skip=4 tokens=1” %a in (‘net files’) do net files %a /close

Run the above command from  your command prompt and all the files are disconnected from the network. However, as a obvious side effect whoever is connected to the files before you run this command will now be disconnected from it. So it is always better to perform this kind of clean up after issuing proper warnings to the users who are connected remotely.

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300 The Movie – Trailer

Truly one of the movies to watch in 2007. The graphics and the intensity of the movie makes it one of the most eagerly awaited movie at least for me.

Ask any Indian actor about their say on Oscars and the reply would be, “It would be great to win an Oscar but, I would consider a Filmfare award to be more satisfying than an Oscar”. Whether the feelings are really true or just fake emotions to stir up nationalistic sentiments of the common film goer it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is Filmfare can never be an Oscar at least till our Film  industry is more mature and professional than it is now.

Take for example the Filmfare awards for 2006 movies, you can see bias written all over the event. First and foremost Amitabh Bachchan and his family is treated as if Bollywood runs because of this one family. It looks all like a family affair more than an event to recognise and reward professional excellence. Whilst India is fast trying to project a global image to the entire world, bulk of the movie industry is still stuck in a time warp. And there is no comparison between Oscars and the Filmfare awards. Oscars even with its not so clean image always strives to reward cinematic excellence. There is an aura around the Oscars, an expectation from the entire world, whereas Filmfare awards more often than not fails to capture the imagination of Indians itself. The Filmfare awards for 2006 looked more like a soap opera from Balaji telefilms stable. Otherwise, what explains the glorification of one single family in an event meant to make cinema look bigger than its practitioners. You could have misconcieved the event as the engagement of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, along with some usual histrionical speeches meant to touch the public sentiments and lots of politically correct statements to please all.

How would you explain Aishwarya Rai being even nominated for best actress or Hrithik Roshan winning the best actor award? What about a lot of good movies by smaller banners?  I am not being partial here to the multiplex crowd, infact I am a die hard fan of Aish and Hrithik. But then I am a die hard fan of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger as well. How many Oscars both of them have one? I believe none. That is the difference between Indian cinema and hollywood. We can copy Hollywood but cannot match their class, forget bettering them. The audience for Hindi cinema is changing, people do not want the same old 4 hour weepy stories. People yearn for meaningful cinema which can entertain them as well. That is the reason why most of the movies Indian cinema makes is what you can term as a flop.

Well, I believe it is not even worth talking about an event which is not more than a promotional tool for film makers and their families. But saddens me none the less to see something which is just not right.

Researchers have found that women who swallow semen have a better chance of avoiding breast cancer. According to a research done at North Carolina State University women who regularly swallow semen have a better chance of avoiding breast cancer.

Doctors had always suspected a link between the two but, now the survey done on 15,000 women has confirmed their suspicion. According to this news snippet from CNN this is definitely an area of keen research as women who performed the act of fellatio regularly have reduced chances of the disease occuring in them. Researchers suggest women to fellate at least once every night to avoid the dreaded disease.

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