I was having a general conversation with a friend of mine. We were talking with passion about Iron Maiden, Metallica, Guns ‘n Roses, Ozzy Ozbourne, Deep Purple, Michael Jackson so on and so forth when it suddenly struck to my mind why aren’t we talking about anyone from the current generation of popular music makers. Then our conversation shifted towards how deprived we are to not to have anyone from the current generation whom we can relate ourselves to.

All the rock idols people still swear by are from the old school. What’s wrong with the music industry then? I feel the main reason for the degradation of real music is too much commercialization of music. The old time rock ‘n rollers had the passion to create music which made them happy. Be it Nirvana or Deep Purple or Metallica everyone had this passion to create their own sound, their own image which made them happy rather than do something for plain money. That’s what people liked about them and they have all become cult figures now. Even Michael Jackson though not a rocker had created his own sound and people died for him. Even if his albums bombed he never left from what made him happy and people still forgave him and even were ready to die for him. Its his recent scandals that has tarnished image with his fans though I am pretty much sure people will get back on track if he can re-create his old magic. How many from the recent generation of boy bands, candy floss girls and guys people would die for? I guess none. Maybe, it might be us fans as well, maybe we have become too involved with gaining materialistic pleasures. Whatever the reason may