Well I am being polite to call it a saga. Its such a shame for a fleet of stars to collapse in the premier tournament in cricket without as much as a semblance of fight. Then again Indian cricketers are never meant to be fighters. We are a talented lot no doubt about it. But that’s where it ends. We are just talented with no application. Even a small kid writing his final exams knows all his talent counts for nothing until he scores an A+. Oops, wrong example for the Indian cricket team. We are not supposed to play cricket are we. We are a pampered lot who will mint money in terms of sponsorships, contracts and public appearances. We are after all the richest cricket board in the world. Why do we need to play when the money keeps coming? All you need is to know how to lift a cricket bat and learn how to mimic few cricketing shots. Not necessary that the shots yield you any runs, you need to look good playing them so that you can endorse the covers of magazines, appear in ads and cover ups for countless sports shows. There are billions of foolish Indians anyway to do the earning bit. They will spend on you regardless of what you do on the field. I mean its the money of the hoards of Indians with genuine passion for the game that these bandits in cricketers garb are laundering. Sometimes I feel like quitting my current job and joining the Indian team. I mean I do know a few shots (or I can pose can’t I) like every Indian does. Who needs the daily grind of a software job where you are expected to perform 24/7 to earn you bread. Its so easy if you are a cricketer, you get to visit a lot of places, you get to go around in safaris, you get to savor different varieties of food, make out with girls and if you are not satisfied with the millions you already mint you always go to a bookie and leak out important information. I don’t know which bookie is interested to buy out the information about the Indian team. Its so easy to work out each and every Indian player that there is no secret to buy. Guys who hardly get to play even a single match can still learn a lot. Learn in terms of the best travel destinations across the world, the best place to have a beer in the evening, or the best place to have a splash in the pool, hell! you can even get access to a AK47 if you know the right bookie.

In short Indian cricket is a saga, except that it is not related to cricket. And no matter there are still tons of Indians willing to vouch by the Indian team that they will win one day. I am not saying we cannot win, ICC has been generous to us providing us with teams like Bermuda, Canada etc. so that the Indian cricketers do not all together forget how to spell win that is till these countries grow to be better teams than us as is the case with the current Bangladeshi cricket team which is leaps and bounds ahead of us in terms of commitment, professionalism even though they lack the talent to pose for classical cricket shots. Anyways, I wont bother even if Bermuda and Canada beat us coz there are 160 odd countries in the world and ICC cannot disappoint the richest cricketing board in the world can it?