The question says it all. Modern day scientists might say we are inventing better materials than before, methods to make your life safer and easier than before. That’s what my point is, we are just making already existing designs better. People are writing new softwares but the basic design of a computer is still the same. Whoever, gets out a new machine on the market, all we do is look and marvel at how beautiful the thing looks, but is it going to change the way looked at things or is it going to change the entire lifestyle of generations to come?

Think how dramatic the invention of an aircraft might have been. It changed entirely the way we used to travel in a matter of decades. In fact, the invention has made the entire world economy to depend on its efficiency to work. Think of the invention of the first computer, again changed the way people saw at things, and way they lived their lives.

Going back in time, think of a simple lever or the wheel that was invented. These simple yet magical inventions really spelled magic in the lives of people. It changed mankind as it was at that point in time. And were they complex piece of machinery that needed hoards of people with very high IQ breaking their heads for decades on in spending millions of public money in terms of grants. They were basically a moment’s spark in a creative brain which transformed into a magical mankind changing inventions.

Just a few months back I was watching a show on Airbus A3XX on a TV channel. It was told on the show that, the current fuselage design used is stretched to its maximum possible optimization on the Airbus A3XX and cannot be further stretched in order to carry more number of people. It might be that some “brilliant” scientist engineer might come up with tweak which will make the design stretchable to carry few tens more of passengers. But, has it changed the way we travel? We can always book the next flight can’t we if we are not accommodated in the same Airbus. I am still flying to my destination am I not?

Although it might just be a phase in the glorious rule of humans on earth, it nonetheless manages to kindle a question in my mind. Is the advancements in human life saturated to a point that we find no need of more life changing inventions? Why can’t there be a new and better way of transport? Why can’t we be at two places at the same time?

We might argue about robots in their initial stages of development now is a big invention and that when they are mass produced will change our lives. But, then robots have been in the pipeline of developing into a mass usable product for ages now. For decades after the first self sustaining robots were invented, no one has been able to make them accessible to human race to change our lives. The wheel didn’t take decades to change lives, it would have done it in a matter of months. Even airplanes didn’t take decades. Purists might argue, we are reaching saturation levels in terms of physics. But, all we need is a simple gadget not a complex machine doing terrabytes of calculations per second. I wouldn’t blame the whole world, I myself have lost the touch to innovate and do small things in life to make life more interesting. No point in pointing fingers at the whole world.