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Being a geek is not so uncool after all. Click on the link below to find out the ten reasons that makes geeks a real good choice for lovers. And the best part is one of my friend thinks I fit the picture of a perfect geek. I am all ready and groovy (or shall I say geeky). 


World’s largest dog


Hercules was recently awarded the honorable distinction of Worlds Biggest Dog by Guinness World Records. Hercules is an English Mastiff and has a 38 inch neck and weighs 282 pounds.

With “paws the size of softballs” (reports the Boston Herald), the three-year-old monster is far larger and heavier than his breed’s standard 200lb. limit. Hercules owner Mr. Flynn says that Hercules weight is natural and not induced by a bizarre diet: “I fed him normal food and he just grew”…. and grew. and grew. and grew.

I wouldn’t wanna go anywhere near that dog.

Awesome ad for an awesome bike…

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