Well, for those who are confused, I am not giving you a solution to kill Bruce Willis. I am trying to blurt out my sadistic agony of watching the hero of Die Hard 4 not dying even after falling fifty feet down ripping through industrial strength metal (yeah metal) pipes, even after being put in a incinerating fireball which by the way he narrowly escapes by millimeters, even after jumping out of a car traveling at least 80Mph before torpedoing it to a helicopter (yeah helicopter) to bring down the helicopter along with its occupants, or even after (dig this all you insane suicidal maniacs) shooting himself, yes shooting himself through his shoulders to kill the bad guy standing behind him. I mean how the hell does this guy who must be at least 50 yrs old (his daughter looks old and hot enough) survive all these things let alone walk after the mass destruction he leaves behind.

Well for all the die hard, Die Hard fans the movie is bound to have some fast paced unrealistic action. In fact I have watched Die Hard 2 and Die Hard 3.  When I went to watch the movie I had expected a bit of all the unreal almost video game like action. But, none could prepare me for the mass bonanza I watched. I was yawning at the end of the movie even when Bruce Willis was shooting himself. Because by then I had resigned to the fact nothing’s gonna happen to him, he is gonna survive anyway and kill the bad guy as well. Think of the agony and misery the bad guy went through trying to kill  our Mr. Unbreakable. I mean how can you expect a guy run through heavy, speeding on heading traffic in a closed tunnel and still be alive to tell the story plus save a cyber geek who calls himself a hacker -wonder what hacker boy did throughout the movie. Well he did everything but hack. I was eagerly waiting for hacker boy to at least punch in some code or talk about some tech stuff. But, all throughout the movie he was running around with Mr. Unbreakable in awe of him. Probably he was planning of a complex mathematical algorithm which can genetically mutate our Mr. Unbreakable and finally make him vulnerable to water, air, infections etc. Otherwise, I don’t see how to kill the guy. I had the intention of being a villain in a movie (I know I don’t stand a chance for the role of spot boy as well but, who cares) but, watching the sweat our bad guy had to break in Die Hard 4 trying to kill Mr. Unbreakable I am re-thinking my options.

The above views does not make me a hater of action movies – one of my all time favorites is Terminator 3 – but this is total chaos and the chaos loses its charm (in fact made me yawn) at the end of it all. Well, I am still waiting to watch the next Die Hard flick. Wish I could kill him…