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MS Excel cannot multiply

Finally, something to cheer about for all the Microsoft haters. As described in the article here, MS Excel the most widely used spreadsheet editor has a bug wherein it cannot multiply some specific numbers. Does it mean the end of the road for Excel? I don’t think so. Anyway its a good opportunity for all Microsoft haters to revel in their brief moment in the sun.


If you think women are equal to men in all respects, this man has gone one step ahead to go one up on all the women. Till now getting pregnant was exclusively a woman’s specialty. But not any more. With medical science making advances rapidly, anything can happen. So why can’t men be pregnant? The morality behind this science is bound to be hit with controversies but its an amazing invention nonetheless. Click on the link below to know more, 

What next? Cows as surrogate mom’s? Why not? After all we do drink milk from the cow.

My iPod

Well I got my new iPod (30 GB) last week. A friend coming back to India from the US got it down for me. At 192 USD it was a pretty neat deal. Would have posted the pics earlier if not for the lack of time.

An article in Digitimes Telecom states that Google are planning to launch a mobile handset the GPhone. Google might embed the Texas Instruments (TI) chipset if it decides to go with EDGE on its phone. However, according to sources Google might be looking at having 3G on their phones in which case Qualcomm is going to be the winner. If Google decides to go ahead with 3G then the phones will be released in the first half of 2008.

Astronomers Pinpoint Origin of Nature’s Most Powerful Magnetic Bursts from
University of Arizona astronomers have pinpointed the origin of powerful bursts from nature’s most magnetic objects. The bursts are from “magnetars,” some of the most enigmatic objects in the universe.


Definitely male? I betcha…

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