The problems we might face in B’lore with Auto Rickshaw drivers are as
1. One and half meter charge after 7:30 – 8 PM

2. Meter running while u are some traffic signal and upon asking he will tell u waiting time; this is silly since there is no waiting time when u are in Traffic signals

3. Asking for more money when it rains

4. While u are boarding from famous Mall places such as GARUDA, CENTRAL, FORUM etc… charging at their own rates

5. Asking for the return charges from u when u are boarding for one way

And the list goes on .

So Finally God has answered all our wishes!!! Because there are Auto Complain Unit telephone numbers (Bangalore), please note these –
080 – 2225 3500
080 – 2226 0554
080 – 2220 7750

Any time you face any problem related to Auto Rickshaw call these numbers, giving the Auto rickshaw number, along with the driver’s DL Number.

I don’t know how far this solution will be successful, as the success of this mission depends on the participation of the commuters of auto-rickshaws in Bangalore. The more aware people become about issues plaguing them and make use of the facilities to eradicate the root cause the more beneficial these solutions will prove in time to come. Collective awareness is the only way to counter rash behavior of individuals or a group. So go on and make use of your rights. Hope we no longer have to get stressed by the behaviors of these auto-rickshaw drivers.