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Bajaj XCD TV Ad


Owing to the overwhelming response that I have been receiving for my post on Bangalore bus route details, I thought of posting this useful piece of information with regards to the connectivity to Bangalore International Airport (BIAL), on my blog.

As we all know, BMTC has started a new line of buses which connects Bangalore city to Bangalore International Airport. You can now reserve a ride on one of these buses online. Click on the link below to know more,

For those who hate bus travel and need a cab to get to the airport faster, a company called Air Lift has started cab services to connect Bangalore city to BIAL. You can book an air lift cab online by clicking on the link below,

You can also reserve cabs from Cel Cabs which is a cab service run by the BMTC. Call up 080-60609090 to hire a cab.You can also check out their website. Follow the link given below,

I have used Cel Cabs more than once, and I can tell you that the service is excellent. You can also hire cabs from Cel Cabs for hassle free within the city commutes. Although these cabs are expensive than the irritative Auto Rickshaws, they are worth the money you pay. Plus you don’t have to undergo the harassment of the auto rickshaw drivers.

Check out the post below for a more accurate bus route search,

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