Having troubles getting a date? No issues, send a LUX wrapper to http://www.blahblah.com and you could be on a date with Shriya Saran. Woah! a celebrity date. Gone are the days when you had to work hard on pick up lines.

This is just one of those irritating marketing text messages I keep getting on my cell phone. There is no end to the variety of messages you can get. It varies from cupid messages, invitations to dates to discounts on Sauna belts and UPS servicing.

As irritating as they are, they sometimes do serve the purpose of entertaining you when you are hallucinating sitting at your desk at work. Yes I mean it when I say hallucinating. I can see stars, ghosts, angels, leprechauns and all kinds of fairy tale characters. I feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland only difference being I feel like Ashith in LaLaLand.