Paying bribe has been the routine way for most of us in India to get things done especially with Government departments and Public Sector Units. We must have constantly encountered snobby Babus throwing up their weight for no reason making things as difficult as possible for you until you break and agree to bribe them. Being informed and educated is the only way you can counter act these bureaucrats who have had it their way for ages now.

Corrupt babus use different ploys to extract bribes. We have mentioned few popular tricks and  their remedy.

(1)    Delaying tactics :  They keep on delaying your work on giving silly reasons,  until you offer them bribe.  Sometimes they demand unnecessary papers/ documents to harass you.

Remedy:  Send an application under RTI Act by registered post / courier.  It�s very simple.  You have to cite your application details and ask (a) When your department received my application (b) Tell me day to day progress on this application (c) Name the officer responsible for delay (d) What action was taken against said officer.

Within days your work will be done without any bribe.  You can read more about RTI Act elsewhere in this website.

(2)    Inflated demand:  They demand more fees/ penalties / taxes then prescribed under rules. For example once Hyderabad Traffic  Police  Constable demanded Rs. 600/- for expired  pollution certificate whereas as per law, it�s only Rs.300/-. If babu demands higher amount and promise to reduce after receiving bribe.  Then probably he is demanding much above government  specified fee.  No officer will accept less than government prescribed fee under any condition.  They always play safe and keep their files clean.

Remedy:  You should know exact fee.  This information can be obtained from departmental website / consultant or by using RTI Act.  In case, officer has got discretionary power to impose variable fee then record conversation. Now you can use this conversation either to pay minimum fees or lodge complaint with ACB/ CBI. You can also use RTI Act to find fee paid by others.

You may take following steps while dealing with babus.

(1)    Always record conversation and telephone calls.

(2)    Reduce visits to government offices; instead communicate through registered post/ courier.  Ask officers to reply in writing.  For any delay, remind in writing. Written communication is very powerful while dealing with babus.

(3)    If you feel that babu has discriminated against you, then you may use RTI Act to check his records.

(4)    Exhibit confidence when meeting babus. Don’t address then as “Sir”. Instead use their names.  They must display their name plates. If not displayed, ask politely reason for not displaying.  Your confidence may derail their evil plan.

Maybe we have given these babus a lot more respect than they actually deserve. Maybe this is one of the side effects of being ruled by the British for over 300 years and being submissive has become part of our culture. We must remember that every one is a human being and they will try to subdue you only if you give in.

I have to give credit to Jago Party for their continued efforts to make India a better place and pave the path to progress by educating people about their rights and make India more efficient and responsible.