First of all a big thanks to all those who have shown interest in my earlier post regarding Bangalore Bus Route details. In the process of constantly improving the access to information to common citizens of Bangalore like me I would like to provide another very useful link to find out the bus route details

Here is the link,

I found out this link from one of the comments by Mr. Narasimha on my previous posts on Bangalore Bus Route Details. He has done a really creditable job with this site and its very easy to use as well even for a novice. Since a number of hits on my blog has been with regards to bus route inquiries I thought this site needed special mention and a post of its own.

There are few very minor jinks in the site like it does not show the approximate timings of the buses. But that is because, as the author of the site says, currently he has no up to date reference database from where he can pick up time and show. That is alright I guess, as long as we know the route numbers we can always look up for the timing by inquiring at the bus stop.

Go ahead make use of this site and leave a appreciative comment on this site for the author.