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Click on the link below, enter your mobile phone number and check if your mobile phone is registered in the National Do Not Call (NDNC) Registry. In case it is you can feel good that you will not be bugged by unnecessary promotional calls from telemarketing executives.


Bangalore events listing

For all the visitors to my blog who would like to keep up to date with the latest events in Bangalore, I have started a Bangalore events listing section in my blog. You can find the events on the sidebar under the section “Bangalore Events Listing”.

I hope to keep it up to date with the latest happenings in and around Bangalore. I also hope to upgrade it to list all the events happening around India but that is quite a long way off for now. Check the screen shot below to access this section. Do feel free to write your comments and suggestions to improve my blog.

Bangalore Events Listing

Bangalore Events Listing

Click on the link below to view a virtual tour of Mysore Palace. I guess most of us would have visited this marvel, but for those not so lucky ones this website is a teaser to the real experience,

First of all a big thanks to all those who have shown interest in my earlier post regarding Bangalore Bus Route details. In the process of constantly improving the access to information to common citizens of Bangalore like me I would like to provide another very useful link to find out the bus route details

Here is the link,

I found out this link from one of the comments by Mr. Narasimha on my previous posts on Bangalore Bus Route Details. He has done a really creditable job with this site and its very easy to use as well even for a novice. Since a number of hits on my blog has been with regards to bus route inquiries I thought this site needed special mention and a post of its own.

There are few very minor jinks in the site like it does not show the approximate timings of the buses. But that is because, as the author of the site says, currently he has no up to date reference database from where he can pick up time and show. That is alright I guess, as long as we know the route numbers we can always look up for the timing by inquiring at the bus stop.

Go ahead make use of this site and leave a appreciative comment on this site for the author.


Well as the name itself suggests, this site is a solution for all the folks who are always on the look out for a good place to eat food.

You can even order food online, now how cool is that.

Click on the link below to learn more,

Food is a luxury when you are a Bachelor who is not too much in to cooking. It may not matter you much on a week day if you are provided with a decent cuisine at your office cafeteria or if you have a dubba wala providing you with food. But, its on the weekends that you really start realizing the importance of good food. That’s when you really miss your mom’s rotis, chapatis, curries etc.

After living in Bangalore for four years I visited BJN Group’s, Cafe Masala for the first time recently. And I really regreted not having been there before. I was introduced to the place for the first time by a very special friend of mine and I thank her for that. The restaurant is located in Eva Mall, Brigade Road. The ambience of the place might not be exquisite but I quite enjoyed the open air spaces. But, the real show stopper is the food served at the place and the service provided by the support staff.

The food is served as a full course buffet, starting with a varieties of Kababs and soups in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. I personally prefer red meat and fish but, there is always something for everyone. I was also impressed by this tandoori platter of fruits. For people who like lighter food there are vegetarian and non-vegetarian salads. For the main course you have you have a variety of North Indian dishes, again satisfying taste buds of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. There is a wide variety of Indian chats as well. But, make sure you are not over filling your self because the best is saved for the last. An amazing variety of sweets which includes pastries, rabdis, chocolate fountain, fruit salads, ice creams etc. etc. Also, if you want to wine while you dine, you have the option of ordering a drink from a pretty decent selection, but the drinks will be charged outside the buffet. And all this comes at a reasonable price of Rs. 450/- plus taxes. Not bad considering the amount food you are going to gorge on a single visit.  And while you are enjoying your meal the waiters and other support staff are really friendly and always serve you with a smile.

Enough of reading now, just go to Cafe Masala and experience the feeling of a sumptuous buffet yourself. You can visit the website here.

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