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My Wife's Tanjore Painting

Sample of one of my wife’s work. In case you need a custom painting we undertake that as well. Paintings can be customized to order. If interested add a comment with your contact details and we will contact you to know more about your order.


My Wife's Tanjore Painting

Up for sale if interested. We can also make custom Tanjore paintings made to order

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I had wanted to create this poll for a long time but I did not know how to add a poll to my blog. Now, that I have known how to do that here is my first poll about the layout of my blog.

It’s been an eternity since I last updated something here and what better occasion to restart than to celebrate more than 1 Lakh views for my blog 🙂

Honestly speaking, I had nothing to update from a long time and I am still searching for that one big topic which makes me feel good and draws more viewers to my blog as well.

In fact, I had not even viewed the stats for my blog until today and was pleasantly surprised to see me crossing the 1 lakh viewers mark. Hope its a start of something new and better.

Having troubles getting a date? No issues, send a LUX wrapper to and you could be on a date with Shriya Saran. Woah! a celebrity date. Gone are the days when you had to work hard on pick up lines.

This is just one of those irritating marketing text messages I keep getting on my cell phone. There is no end to the variety of messages you can get. It varies from cupid messages, invitations to dates to discounts on Sauna belts and UPS servicing.

As irritating as they are, they sometimes do serve the purpose of entertaining you when you are hallucinating sitting at your desk at work. Yes I mean it when I say hallucinating. I can see stars, ghosts, angels, leprechauns and all kinds of fairy tale characters. I feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland only difference being I feel like Ashith in LaLaLand.

Huff!!! Just now I realized that I haven’t blogged about anything for quite sometime now. I think I am becoming older and older as the days go by. There is nothing interesting happening around me which excites me to write up a post. Anyway I need to jump start my life once more and need to make mundane things interesting.

Anyone requires help on Adobe applications scripting support. If yes, take some time to take part in a very easy poll in the link below,

I aim to provide Javascript code snippets for Adobe applications depending on the response to the polls.

Check out this CNET article which shows the list of layoffs from major corporates across the world.;posts

Bush security upgraded

Bush security upgrade

Bush security upgrade

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